Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Journalist error of least import.

On page 48 of the February 2009 issue of Saveur:

A nonstick pan is our choice for frying eggs and delicate fish filets [sic]. The 10-inch T-Fal Ultimate Fry Pan, from the French company that pioneered nonstick cooking in the 1950s, is the sturdiest around. Unlike Teflon-coated pans, it has a hard surface, made of a plastic-based resin called PTFE, that is virtually scratchproof and stands up to metal utensils.

The last time I checked, Teflon was an old trademark synonym for PTFE. I doubt T-Fal printed this claim on its box and figure Saveur's staff writer made up some pitchman's nonsense to pretend to be insightful.

Compared to when journalists botch diet advice or environmental news, this is of little import. But I'm still going to write a letter, because I'm that kind of guy.